In 1946, a bakery owned by a Chinese immigrant, Wong Tong Liong, was providing breads to the community around R. Hidalgo Street in Quiapo, Manila. The city had gone through the ravages of war and families were traumatized by the destruction.

As they rebuilt their lives and fortunes, Wong’s fresh, warm breads were among the comforts that sustained not just their physical bodies, but their hopes as well.

One day, an American serviceman arrived with a truckload of flour. He made a deal with Wong: he offered to sell all that flour to the baker; payment would be due a year later.

Wong made full use of the flour, making and selling more breads than ever before. He was able to grow his business and deliver his products to a greater number of customers. He easily paid the American serviceman the money he owed for the flour.

This initial success was what turned Wong’s humble community bakery into Bakerite, a household name and a favorite brand among Filipinos in the country and overseas.


Love is all they knead

The goodness of Bakerite products comes from the passion and devotion of our employees and owners. Our employees always do their best, as they are strongly motivated by their love for Bakerite and our customers.

Today, Bakerite has fifteen branches across Metro Manila and nearby provinces like Cavite, Batangas, and Rizal. We continue to explore new possibilities, climb to greater heights, and expand towards new locations.