Summer refreshment just got way healthier

Fun in the sun won’t be complete without a cold drink of water. The truth is, nothing beats water when it comes to quenching thirst and getting much-needed refreshment on a hot summer’s day. However, not many know that there’s a type of water that provides not just refreshment but good health as well: alkaline water.

Regular drinkers of alkaline water swear by its beneficial effects. Here’s a list of alkaline water’s health-giving attributes, and why it’s a healthy way to refresh your day:

Alkaline water is a powerful antioxidant.

Antioxidants are molecules in the body that prevent or counteract the chemical process of oxidation. In the human body, oxidation causes aging of cells. When oxidation occurs, it produces molecules called “free radicals” that damage cells. Alkaline water helps prevent oxidation and stops the creation of free radicals.

Alkaline water effectively balances the pH levels of the body.

Regular tap water has a neural pH of usually 7. What is pH? It is a measure of how acidic or how alkaline something is. A pH of below 7 is on the acidic side, while a pH of 8 and up to 14 is alkaline. The human body has to maintain a balance of acidic and alkaline pH. For example, some parts of the body have to be alkaline, while others are acidic.

Human blood is slightly acidic at pH 7.4 while the stomach has to be on the acidic side (so that it can digest food). Alkaline water helps maintain the balance of acidic-alkaline levels in the body. If a human body becomes more acidic (acidosis) or more alkaline (alkalosis) then illness would occur.

Alkaline water promotes better hydration.

Alkaline water has smaller, micro-clusters of molecules, making it more easily absorbed by the body. This results in greater hydration.

Detox for the body and an immune system boost.

The human body produces a lot of acidic waste from its metabolic processes. Alkaline water counteracts this acidity. A lot of acidic wastes in the body may weaken the immune system. By helping eliminate acidic wastes, alkaline water gives our immune system a boost.

Alkaline water helps fight certain diseases.

Alkaline water may act to prevent the development of certain diseases. Diabetes, for example, happens if the pancreas, the main organ in the body that helps regulate the body’s glucose level, is damaged. Alkaline water helps reduce the amount of free radicals that attack the pancreas, preventing damage that may trigger diabetes.

Cancer cells supposedly thrive in acidic environments. Alkaline water counters the acidity in our body, thus helping eliminate a cancer-friendly environment. While scientific evidence for this is scant, there’s anecdotal evidence from cancer survivors saying alkaline helped them overcome cancer.

Psoriasis is another disease than can supposedly be alleviated by alkaline water. The symptoms of psoriasis are said to arise from too much acidic wastes in the body. Alkaline water can help neutralize these acidic wastes.

Alkaline water helps us lose weight.

Alkaline water acts in several ways to help us lose weight. It increases our metabolism. It reduces lactic acid build-up in our muscles, allowing us to workout longer and burn more calories. It helps us feel fuller and with more energy, so that we can increase our activity level.

Don’t take your health for granted. Alkaline water is cleaner, purified, and neutralizes the acidity in our body. This acidity is a result of mental and emotional stress, an unhealthy diet, and too much consumption of soft drinks and other artificial beverages. With a good diet and exercise, alkaline water helps assure our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

This summer, don’t forget to stay cool and hydrated for all the outings, beach parties, and other joyous activities of the season. You’ll need proper hydration to stay energetic and in top shape, so be sure to choose alkaline water: the healthy way to refresh your day.

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